How to Develop A Following

Succeed by just being you. Sounds cheesy but it does have some merit.

Write What You Want to Read

A little while back, I wrote an article about what it really meant to write every day. The answer was that we may not have to put pen to paper every day to write every day. Similarly, the advice “write what you want to read” can be easily misconstrued and over-interpreted. A quick google searchContinue reading “Write What You Want to Read”

Discovering The Self Through Writing

Who are we? At our core, who are we? What do we stand for in the world? What makes us tick? What do we care about and why do we care about it? How have we made ourselves over the years? And most importantly, can our writing clue us into the secrets of our soul?Continue reading “Discovering The Self Through Writing”

The Pleasure of Predictable Writing

We all love a good plot twist, don’t we? Being taken by surprise is a wonderful feeling when it’s done well in a book, movie, TV show, etc. We love it so much, in fact, that it’s being pushed as the norm. Plots are expected to have so many twists and turns that you struggleContinue reading “The Pleasure of Predictable Writing”

The Best Tools of This Trade

Writing isn’t terribly easy, is it? When I finally made my decision about pursuing a career in the world of writing, I invested some time into researching what exactly I’d need to become the best writer I could be. Over the past seven years since I began to take this seriously, I have stumbled acrossContinue reading “The Best Tools of This Trade”

My Creative Process (For Now)

Every creator has their own creative process. Some of us turn to liquor or drugs (not me, don’t worry). Others turn on dazzling lights or strike a match to light a candle. The point? We all engage in actions that create our creative process. Personally, I’ve always found the things that authors and other artistsContinue reading “My Creative Process (For Now)”

A Very Opinionated Piece on Modern “Poetry”

Maybe you and I haven’t been acquainted long enough for me to say such a bold, controversial phrase, but I’m going to regardless. I don’t agree with contemporary poetry. Agree with? What is there to agree with? After all, you can like something, dislike something, and question various aspects about it but what does itContinue reading “A Very Opinionated Piece on Modern “Poetry””

Use Experience, Not Memories

It’s a tantalizing idea, writing our most passionate memories down on the page. Maybe we’ve been wronged and would like to go about finding justice the old fashioned way, with a published book and characters that resemble someone a little too closely. Or maybe we’re madly in love and want to give eternal life toContinue reading “Use Experience, Not Memories”