Meet The Author

Hello, little faeries!

Here we’ll have two introductions:

First, the quick for those of you with books to read and things to write:

I’m Nathalie Daux but call me the Fairy Tale Poet. I’m 25 and I’ve written four books. I’ve also self-published a collection of poems. I used to write strictly horror but now I’ve ventured off the beaten path. I write stories that are mainly upmarket fiction and dark literary fiction.

There you go.

Now, for the longer one.

This is me, your storyteller. My name is Nathalie Daux.

The art of crafting a novel has always appealed to me. As a toddler, I spent my hours stapling together nonsense pages of scribbles and flipping through confusing images with a nod. I read books before I could understand what the black shapes at the top of the pages meant. I was born to write.

But several years back, I was faced with a terrible tragedy: commercialism.

My words were driven by poverty, desperation, and a deep-rooted hatred of my existence. I looked into the void thinking I could win the battle.

I had a staring contest with the void and went blind.

Fairy Tale Poet

My words became empty lines on a page and I could not understand them, let alone support them like any good author should. I could not understand who I was inside those ugly black and white lines. The shapes I had always known, even as a child, became foreign to me. In a sense, I had to learn everything from scratch.

I shed my social media handle “lunatic_writer” which I had devoted seven years of my life to creating. It had consumed me and oozed out of my skin in the form of shackles. I cut them off. Archived all my old work.

Today, I say goodbye to my works of horror and splatterpunk fiction. I say goodbye to every hopeless, too-close-to-home poem that reeked of depression. I say goodbye to everything lunatic_writer was. So if you knew her, say goodbye too.

Who is this author now?

She is an explorer of this world and every universe exploding on the back of my eyelids. She is a writer dedicated to bettering her craft and her readers. She’s just happy to be home, in a place that makes sense.

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