How to Develop A Following

Succeed by just being you. Sounds cheesy but it does have some merit.

Last Year I Hated Writing

Following up my previous post about writing what you want to read (literally), here comes a fitting post about how, for all of last year (and quite a bit of the year before), I genuinely hated writing. The time I didn’t spend mulling over work I wasn’t enamored with, I spent questioning whether or notContinue reading “Last Year I Hated Writing”

Write What You Want to Read

A little while back, I wrote an article about what it really meant to write every day. The answer was that we may not have to put pen to paper every day to write every day. Similarly, the advice “write what you want to read” can be easily misconstrued and over-interpreted. A quick google searchContinue reading “Write What You Want to Read”