A Slice of Life: Episode One

Photo by Benjamin Suter on Pexels.com

It was hot. The heat slept on the lonely asphalt and its dreams spiraled high off the road in gentle waves that joined the night. Stirring all alongside the road were the small creatures of night, exiting their sleep with gentle puffs of dust around their claws. They scratched across the road as they drifted towards the deep expanse of land.

And the road breathed.

It let out the hot breath that had expanded its belly wide through the sweltering day. Its white ribs huddled closer as the chill of night pulled the warm breath from its lips. Cool droplets of water wet its brow as the sun set. In the distance, the familiar shadow of its friend, the mountain, tucked the road in for bedtime.

And the road breathed.

When you first saw this picture, your eye probably focused on the road. Maybe, it even followed it all the way down to the mountains and then watched the sunset. I would bet good money you didn’t think about the road as the subject of the story though. Did you consider the road inhales once during the day, beneath the sun? Did you think it exhales just once at night as it contracts? No? That’s the point.

There are so many photographs out there. Plain ones, exciting ones, and pictures evoking powerful emotions. They are a perfect playground for us writers.

It’s good to practice slice of life writing every so often. Not every day needs to be spent working tirelessly on our projects. Some of our dedicated writing time ought to be used in a way that betters our skill. This can look like random writing prompts but it can also look like what I’ve just done: finding one story in a picture.

This picture has many, many stories in it but when I saw it, I decided I wanted to write up what the story looked like from the road’s perspective. What if the roads we walk down are alive? Barely alive, slowly alive.

All this to say, grab a photo and write about one of its stories. Maybe not the first one that comes to mind or the most obvious one. Find the one that will challenge your brain out of its normal cycles.

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