A Very Opinionated Piece on Modern “Poetry”

Maybe you and I haven’t been acquainted long enough for me to say such a bold, controversial phrase, but I’m going to regardless. I don’t agree with contemporary poetry.

Agree with? What is there to agree with? After all, you can like something, dislike something, and question various aspects about it but what does it mean to disagree with modern day poetry?

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Before I start, I’m going to set some parameters. I am not discussing modernist poetry which took place at the start of 20th century. In fact, I quite enjoy that era of poetry. I’m talking about the contemporary era of literature which is right now. However, not every single poem produced during this era of literature is going to fall under the categories I don’t agree with especially since writing is broader than we used to see, let’s say, 100 years ago.

Contemporary poetry, and only a very specific kind, is the kind I do not agree with.

And this is the kind. You’ll know it, I promise.

She cried

Into the stars

And they

Lapped up her tears

Only to be hungry


Fairy Tale Poet

It’s pretty basic. I wrote in less than five seconds, gave no second thought to proofreading it, and if you asked me in ten years what I wrote, I’d have forgotten. Here are three more examples, all written within ten seconds.

Love her burnt edges with reverence.

Touch me in ways the earth forgot existed.

Come to me with innocence and a twinkle of desire.

This is only controversial because the poets using this style of writing have become incredibly popular. Take @attitcuspoetry on Instagram for example. By and large, most of the posts are simple sentences and still, they have 1.4 millions followers with a shiny little blue, “verified” check mark and the poets posting long, detailed poems tend to have very few.

Speculating as to why that is doesn’t interest me. The why is simple. People are gaining something from it. And that’s good.

But why don’t I like it?

Here’s the catch: I do like it. I just don’t agree with it as traditional poetry.

I’m going to tread carefully with how I go about this because it’s important that I don’t give off the wrong vibe.

Overall, I don’t agree that it’s traditional poetry. Traditional. Poetry.

Traditional poetry concerns itself with big images, meter, rhyme, and so many tiny, minute details that this next generation of poetry doesn’t concern itself with at all. This develops an animosity between both sides. Traditional poets who put hours into their work sneer at the next generation style poets and the new style of poetry poets scoff at the rigidity of traditional works.

This is why I don’t agree with this new style being classified together with traditional poetry especially so since it is moving and breathing and growing in a way very different to traditional poetry.

I think that we are getting to a point in our literary world where it will become important to break traditional poetry off from next generation poetry. Post-social media poetry, if you will.

Post-social media poetry is not traditional poetry and it never will be but it is still poetry. It still expresses feelings through the use of words. And @atticuspoetry does a phenomenal job of that. The issue is that when being lumped in with traditional poetry, it doesn’t fit and can look substandard because of the amount of perceived effort put into its creation.

Traditional poetry still has its place and it should be given as much space to grow and breathe as post-social media poetry. I write both. And I love writing both types. I personally think post-social media poetry is a touch easier to write, but in many ways it’s harder because it’s simpler.

What I’m saying is, I don’t agree that post-social media poetry isn’t “poetry”. I think that poetry as it stands should be separated into two categories: traditional and post-social media.


As always, if you like it subscribe. If you hate it, comment. I’m super interested in your opinion on this one since it is so controversial. I like the new poetry. I write it, I read it, I feel it. But I’m a sucker for traditional styled works as well! I guess I just like all writing!

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