Coffee, Chocolate, And A Great Book

Today is a good day. It’s an easy day. Amidst all the daily struggles of a writer, from finding the words to fixing the words we found, most days, my life as a writer is phenomenally easy.

I may not be the largest fan of chocolate, but pairing up chocolate with a warm cup of Joe has always struck me as the appropriate thing to do. Especially when I’m sitting with a nice book in my lap.

We all are guilty (at least, I think so) of turning something enjoyable into a chore.

For me, it’s a conundrum easily solved. I just pretend that I’m in a movie.

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Water danced on the edges of the air as a stiff breeze nudged the humidity around. The heavy smell of coffee rolled skyward with steam as a pink tongue darted out to lick away the sweat dribbling across her upper lip. The girl smiled down at the hot cup of coffee.

“Shoulda been iced after all.”

The pouting lips captured the porcelain coffee cup. Bitter notes of dark drink swept the sweet remnant of chocolate from her molars. A heavy sigh danced from her lips and carried the smell of her decadence into the midday air.

Blue eyes turned back to the fluttering pages shining brilliantly in the sun, bouncing the warm rays of sun back at her freckled face. A soft smile touched the edges of her lips as she peered over the rim of her sunglasses down at the world of adventure and old friends.

“Good day. Real good day for me.”

When I orient myself to think about the moment as a scene I’m acting out in a movie or a small slice of life in a book, I can more clearly see how I should be enjoying my life. The tension is more detailed. The lack of relaxation is abundantly clear when I pull back and gaze at it with a different perspective.

During this time in our life, the quarantine situation, I implore you to slow down, focus on your breaths, and take a moment and evaluate your life through the eyes of a person reading the book, watching the movie. How would it look? What differences would you write it? Let me know in the comments below!

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