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Follow the cookie trail the world has left you and engage in writing every single day. Breathe words as if the balance of the universe hangs on it.

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Open your eyes to the colorful opportunities sprinkled around the universe. Listen to the stories they whisper. Click Just Dream to read my latest posts.

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Read. Daydream. Wonder. Fill your brain with the ooey gooey candies of life and join me on a journey to hone our writing, bolster our thoughts, and enjoy our place in the world as writers.

Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.

Anton Chekhov

I want to see the glimmer of light on broken glass. I want to show it to my readers, make them cry and scream and laugh and blush.

But more than that, I want to learn about the universe I’m trying to shove into black words and white spaces. I’m just a faerie floating through the backwoods of a world I’ve never truly seen. Come fly with me.

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It's a harsh reality we subject ourselves to day in and day out. One concept I don't see nearly enough of in literature, is the concept that dreams can't come true. ☄️☄️☄️ I'm not talking about weight more goals or ambitions. The sort of thing you buy a planner for. And I'm not talking about the Gatsby-esque delusion of "Um I lied and cheated my way to the top you MUST love me." ☄️☄️ What I'm talking about is much deeper than that. I'm talking about a depressed teenager who sets their sights on becoming a millionaire at 20. Or dreams of being so happy they'll never be sad again. Or someone so in love with something out someone unattainable but never, ever is able to reach that thing. ☄️☄️ What it boils down to, is we are prepared for overcoming all odds and becoming a newspaper story. We aren't prepared for fighting various odds forever. We aren't prepared for a victory that means no flashing lights, no galas, and no nothing. We aren't prepared for acceptance. ☄️☄️ And this bothers me. Most of my favorite characters in literature are strong characters who don't passively accept the situations they're in with defeat and depression. They acknowledge the cards that have been dealt, do their mourning in private, and present a strong front to the world. They dream. They hope. They bleed and breathe and work towards something better but they don't LIE about their present situation. And sometimes, their life's happy ending is the knowledge that they worked damn hard to make the world better, not just their life, but other lives. ☄️☄️ Opinions on this? Characters like this? Comment pleeeaaassseee and tell me a character like this and what book!!

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